Monday, November 5, 2012

Creating an ebay title that sells!

Creating an effective and keyword rich title can be a challenge at times.  Throughout this post, I will give examples of good titles, explain the benefits, and help you understand how to create listing titles that bring more sales and how to sell on e-bay.

Money, Pile of MoneyUnderstanding.  First of all, you need to know that a listing title is where ebay will search for words, commonly known as keywords, to select the items that will show up in the search results. (i.e., put the words that you think buyers will type in and search for, when looking for your exact item.)
Ranking.  The reason that selecting the right keywords for your ebay listing is important, is because your items will show up closer to the top of the search results and first pages of ebay results; resulting in more views, more clicks, and ultimately more sales. The title of your listing should attract buyers to look at your item. If you can't get people to look at your item, then they sure aren't going to buy it.

Experience. Find out what the experienced and top sellers are doing; try to create your listings similarly.  Don't copy word for word; that can get you in trouble.  An easy way to find out what's working, is to type in the name of the item you are selling and search throughout the completed listings.  Set the "sort by" drop down box to "price + shipping: highest first."  This will then show you the most successful listings, that sold for the highest prices.  Bingo!

Don't put symbols or parenthesis in your listing titles, and use close to the full amount of characters allowed by ebay.

UPDATE: The BayEstimator Tool was discontinued by Ebay.  The second best thing to do is to look at the Terapeak Keyword Tool

A great tool that you may want to use is called "BayEstimator" you can find it here at  This tool allows you to find keywords that you can use to build your listing title.  I personally use this tool and find it to be very beneficial.  Make sure that you read the instructions and the FAQ. This will teach you how to sell on e-bay.  Also, if you are interested in making money without having to invest much to begin with, check out my article on Selling Used Books.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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